What We Do

A boutique group of professionals that provide specialist advisory services in all aspects of fisheries investment, management, research, science, and trade. Atlantis is the premium specialist advisory practice to help grow your investment in fisheries and improve your business performance. The Atlantis team sees the real value of investing in fisheries from well below the surface.


Industry metrics, regulatory frameworks and economic influences within the fishing industry is an intricate, time consuming activity to manage. Atlantis specialises in delivering advice to operators in this industry.

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There are compelling investment characteristics that affect the value of fishing rights in the Australian Fishing Zone. The Atlantis Investment service helps you navigate this specialised investment area.

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In order for businesses to take advantage of this global and local trend, it’s important that well planned and targeted trade strategies are designed to navigate through the opportunities available to sell your product.

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Atlantis offers a professional quota service for fishers. We ensure that the intricacies of balancing quota at month end does not become a regulatory issue for the operator and gives you time for focus on fishing.

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Our knowledge is your strength