An expanded rights market has created a need for individuals to be able to buy, sell and lease rights. Whilst some businesses take a planned approach, there is a clear industry need for a quality service that facilitates the buying, selling and leasing of rights in a speedy and professional fashion. The Atlantis group, through its vast network of contacts, supported by the highest quality industry data, provides for the efficient provision of this service, led by experienced rights trading professionals to delivers transparent results, whilst maintaining absolute integrity in the settlement process.

Additionally, fishing today is surrounded by a swell of regulation and social responsibility. The modern fisherman has transformed himself into a proficient user of technology however is continuously confronted with changing regulation. With less time to administer the business, Atlantis offers a professional quota management service for fishers, ensuring that the intricacies of balancing quota at month end does not become a regulatory issue for the operator, giving the operator piece of mind and more time to concentrate on fishing.